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The amazing thing about your life is you're  UNIQUE and the world needs you. Never forget the power you have can truly change the world. No matter how big or small you think your idea may be, trust your power and never stop believing in yourself.


No one can steal your vision, it's up to you to nurture it and make happen - Start today! 




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Uncategorized Feb 01, 2022

Hello my friends! 

This month is all about sticking to your vision and self. 

When I say don’t run towards the obvious, I mean your life doesn’t necessarily have to align with the rest of the world. Being conventional works for many but being unconventional can also work too. However you choose to live your life is essentially up to you. Being paralyzed in life is no way to live; we’re not only fooling the people around us, we’re essentially fooling ourselves. 

I always tell people who feel misunderstood by those who can’t see their vision, to not say anything at all. Don't try to defend your future with people who don’t understand you, it's just not worth it. I don’t think it’s their fault; they just can’t grasp your truth. They’re usually the people who project their own personal fears into your life and encourage you to do ‘the right thing’ or ‘the safest thing.’

The way to cope...

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11 Tips on Keeping it Real

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2022

Hi Friends!

This month I want to talk to you about Keeping it Real. 

Do you truly want to break free from your negativity or are you just going to keep complaining about how your life sucks. 

Are you afraid of being judged? Do we think our opinion doesn't matter? Let's face it, it's not getting any easier and it's important to make a change with ourselves in order to get better results. My job is to keep it simple.  So here are my tips


11 Tips on Keeping it Real 


1. Be okay with imperfection. Nobody is 100 per cent perfect.

2. No one’s opinion is more valid than your own.

3. Validate yourself. Love yourself. Approve of yourself.

4. Release attachments to people and things.


5. Be strong enough for those who seek to challenge you.


6. Trust yourself and your choices.

7. The choices you make need to be in alignment with your moral values.


 8. Face fear head on.


9. Care more about what you...

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Self Love - There's nothing Cheesy about this

Uncategorized Jun 09, 2021

I never thought in 1 million years that I would be the person to talk about this stuff - if you would have asked me to open up and be vulnerable in the past, I would have told you “nice try go ask someone else” My whole entire life, I’ve always focused on my career and took care of others around me.

After experiencing a pandemic (still in it) and truly learning about my version of happiness, I now feel even more grateful to be alive and stronger than ever before. Self care and self love is truly underrated and we all need to take our lives seriously and treat ourself with complete utmost respect. I want to encourage all of you to learn how to love yourself, forgive yourself, celebrate yourself, believe in yourself. By degrading ourselves and putting ourself last in life helps no one. 

Remember it’s up to you to be happy. Believe in your uniqueness and celebrate this incredible thing called life. We won’t be here forever folks so enjoy the little...

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Welcome to Don't Let Fear Paralyze You

Uncategorized Jun 01, 2021

Hello everyone and welcome!

I'm beyond excited to start this journey with you. A powerful journey that I can't wait to share. After becoming a certified life coach, I thought to myself, how can create a lifelong significant impact for my clients a necessary change to help free the minds of marginalized voices, people stuck in comfort, people who are brilliant and don't know how to use their brilliance in the world. A change that goes beyond the paralyzation of being our best self.


Your Friend & Life Coach 

Michael Challenger 


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Practicing Patience During a Pandemic

Uncategorized May 12, 2021

After many, many months of social distancing and isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the reopening of society is a hopeful and optimistic prospect. But for some, it may also be a bit overwhelming. Adjusting to a new normal during the peak of the pandemic meant creating a structure to maintain your wellbeing, where you formed new habits around how you spend your time. 

Now as our energy shifts outward and we begin to interact with the outside world more frequently, it’s important to practice patience. 


Patience with Yourself

Creating a routine that revolves around social distancing caused you to have to adapt to spending significant amounts of time alone or with a very small group of people. Your personal routines have likely been altered in a way that allows you to stay safe and healthy. 

As society begins to slowly reopen we will find ourselves with new opportunities to interact with others and re-establish our old routines. However, it’s...

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Uncategorized May 09, 2021

For those of you new to the NO FEAR Challenger portal welcome!

This month is all about self-sabotage. Something I'm very familiar with and did to myself my whole entire life.  When new opportunities would arise (things that mattered). I would let fear stop me and ran away in the opposite direction. No matter how many accolades achieved or claps received. I would disregard any positive feedback that came my way. 

When I look back in retrospect, I'm amazed at how fear literally controls my entire life. 

One of the ways I overcame self-sabotage was I stepped into the self-development arena and took full responsibility for my happiness. I got clear and started to rebuild my life. 

Becoming mindful and taking full responsibility is key. In order to navigate the daily stresses in life, one must take the time to self-reflect and truly get clear about what it is that they want. I’ve always been a solution-oriented type of person and like to...

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