Uncategorized Feb 01, 2022

Hello my friends! 

This month is all about sticking to your vision and self. 

When I say don’t run towards the obvious, I mean your life doesn’t necessarily have to align with the rest of the world. Being conventional works for many but being unconventional can also work too. However you choose to live your life is essentially up to you. Being paralyzed in life is no way to live; we’re not only fooling the people around us, we’re essentially fooling ourselves. 

I always tell people who feel misunderstood by those who can’t see their vision, to not say anything at all. Don't try to defend your future with people who don’t understand you, it's just not worth it. I don’t think it’s their fault; they just can’t grasp your truth. They’re usually the people who project their own personal fears into your life and encourage you to do ‘the right thing’ or ‘the safest thing.’

The way to cope with being misunderstood in life is to work hard and make something out of yourself, then go back and share all of things you’ve accomplished with the people who couldn’t see or understand your overall vision. That way, you leave no room for discussion or disappointment because it’s already done. Make sense? It’s all about timing. Remember that sometimes it’s not wise to discuss your vision with anyone. Do your life homework, get clear and make it happen.

Stay grounded and true to yourself. You're worth it. 

Michael Challenger. 


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