11 Tips on Keeping it Real

Uncategorized Jan 01, 2022

Hi Friends!

This month I want to talk to you about Keeping it Real. 

Do you truly want to break free from your negativity or are you just going to keep complaining about how your life sucks. 

Are you afraid of being judged? Do we think our opinion doesn't matter? Let's face it, it's not getting any easier and it's important to make a change with ourselves in order to get better results. My job is to keep it simple.  So here are my tips


11 Tips on Keeping it Real 


1. Be okay with imperfection. Nobody is 100 per cent perfect.

2. No one’s opinion is more valid than your own.

3. Validate yourself. Love yourself. Approve of yourself.

4. Release attachments to people and things.


5. Be strong enough for those who seek to challenge you.


6. Trust yourself and your choices.

7. The choices you make need to be in alignment with your moral values.


 8. Face fear head on.


9. Care more about what you think and less about what others think.   


10. Be independent.

11. Find a mentor or person in your life for inspiration.


If you don't start today when you going to start? I trust and hope you are well. If not I'm literally sending you a virtual hug. 


Stay Strong. 

Michael Challenger. 



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