The Challenger Foundation

Diversity, equality and human rights are some of the things we believe are needed to help support and advance those who make the world. Only through inclusion can diversity act as a catalyst to dispel ignorance and fear and create a space to achieve equity and excellence. Together we are more, our foundation is ready to “challenge” old paradigms and introduce innovative solutions to various communities and businesses.


We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience their fullest potential regardless of their race, gender, age or religion.


We believe one of the most powerful expressions of the human race is diversity. Many faces from different places contribute to a creative and vibrant foundation. A multi-perspective from a wide array of backgrounds brings innovative thoughts and ideas.

Human Rights

We believe every person has the right to live the best version of themselves.  The right to express yourself freely, the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, the right to work, and education.  Everyone is entitled to these rights, without discrimination

About the Foundation

Our objective is to erase all social engineering that has been ingrained in the subconscious mind.  We want to create a space where everyone feels welcome and free to be themselves.  A place of harmonious connections, where compassion and empathy are the norms.

Where inspiration and hope are not just words and their meaning is infused in our everyday actions. We believe these are paramount to our success.


Meet Paulette

While working and dealing with people in public for the last 20 years Paulette decided to make a change and take control of her life in her 50´s through fitness.

While dealing with life and its common challenges, she turned to exercise and health as a way to overcome obstacles.
now in her 60`s She’s a Musclemania-IDFA proud recipient who continues to lead her life through optimal health. She also believes in giving back and supports abused women at a private women’s shelter.
She’s currently writing a lifestyle book that covers her bio, healthy recipes and the overall message of
never giving up!

Michael Challenger has guided me too believe and push forward in this game we call life.
He has a way of making you realize that nothing is insurmountable and that life is made complicated because of our own thoughts and barriers.
Thank you Michael Challenger for listening, guiding and helping me too become me again... one day at a timeThe journey has just begun,